The Mississippi hot water pressure washer is an Industrial rated unit.  The machine comes with a 2800W induction240V electric motor which powers the Industrial rated pump, and delivers 10 litres of water per minute at an operating pressure of 1800 PSI.
The pressure washer has a brass pump head and a brass piston guide.  This results in minimising any corrosion from water going through the pump.  This machine offers a highly rated pump and motor in a compact form.  Its compact form is useful where a larger unit is not especially relevant for the task at hand.
Standard accessories for this pressure washer include an industrial gun and spray lance, and also an 8 metre high pressure hose.

Standard Operating Pressure:             1800 PSI
Maximum Water Volume:                    10 litres/minute, 600 litres/hour
Maximum Inlet Water Temperature:    100 C
Motor Specifications:              240V (15Amp), 1Ph, 3.0 KW (4.0HP)
Dimensions(L x W x H):          84cm x 60cm x 100cm
Weight:      70 KG.